Serving hot meals, Source: Riga Municipality

Riga will continue its food services to those in need

Riga will continue its food services to those in need

During the emergency situation, low-income status will be automatically extended

Yesterday, 6 January, the official website of the Riga Municipality informed the residents of the Latvian capital about its continuing commitment to making sure that the most vulnerable sectors of the population will not go hungry this year. What is more, those who have a card from the Social Services certifying their low-income status will not have to go through any administrative steps to renew it while the sanitary anti-pandemic measures are in place (for the time being that means until 28 February).

Having access to a hot meal daily is essential for good quality of life

In terms of numbers, this essential service to the city’s poor will be financed by the Social Affairs Committee with an amount of 870 000 euros. Since the end of last year, there are now 11 hot food distribution points all over Riga, located in various districts and serving on average 1400 meals a day.

In order to use these catering services, citizens should carry a special card which attests to their low-income status (and as already mentioned these will be automatically extended through until 28 February). For those who would like to apply for the card can do so by booking an appointment at one of the Rīgas satiksme customer service centres where they will have to present an identity document and a Riga social certificate.

People are also required to bring their own resealable dishes or containers so they can take the food home. It is important to remember that the various food distribution centres (whose locations and working hours can be consulted on the Riga municipal website) are only working on weekdays.

However, there are solutions for the weekends, too. There are four soup kitchens in Riga, which do not require social card presentation and two of them work also on weekends.

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