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Rijeka opens Croatia's first repair café

Rijeka opens Croatia's first repair café

Visit it and fix your stuff completely free of charge

Rijeka Municipality has opened the first repair-café in Croatia, its information office announced exclusively for TheMayor.EU.  It goes by the name "Riperaj" and already enjoys great popularity. Located in the very centre of Rijeka, "Riperaj" is now the place where citizens come to fix their stuff: broken home appliances, furniture, clothing, toys, and other similar items. All this with the help of two master repairmen and plenty of high-end professional tools and, last but not least, completely free of charge.

Come and fix your stuff completely free of charge

The main aim of this repair café is the reduction of waste. However, there's more to this story than just the circular economy, as "Riperaj" hosts regular workshops for citizens of all ages where they come to learn many things, for example, how to upcycle their favourite chair or coffee table, make a perfectly unique toy and much else. In this way locals not only strengthen their repair skills and engage their creative potential, but also enhance the social cohesion and the local community at a very basic level.

"Riperaj" is also home to a plastic-free vending machine

Repair café "Riperaj" is now also home to BERT, a previously launched plastic-free vending machine offering natural and eco-friendly products at attractive prices. 

The vending machine is easy to use and requires citizens to bring their own packaging. Customers can choose between various natural products such as extra-virgin olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar, white vinegar, bio-detergent for laundry and for dishes, biological multi-purpose cleaning agent and biological lavender shampoo.

The objective of this innovation is to provide an alternative way of consumption and to encourage citizens to approach their consumption habits more responsibly. Ultimately, it aims to contribute to reducing the production of new plastic.



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