The City of Rijeka seeks to help young citizens find employment

Rijeka to combat youth unemployment and inactivity with new programme

Rijeka to combat youth unemployment and inactivity with new programme

It will help young citizens between the ages of 15 and 29 enter the labour market

On 6 December, the Croatian City of Rijeka unveiled a new project targeting young people who are neither in employment nor in education or training (NEET). The need to develop such a project derived from Croatia’s high levels of youth unemployment and inactivity as the municipality reveals that both the country and the EU have been struggling to combat these issues for several years. 

To help tackle the problem of youth inactivity in the labour market, the Centre of Technical Culture in Rijeka has partnered with several bodies to launch the RADAr project: a six-month initiative that will help adolescents and young adults secure employment through three programmes (support, activation, and education).

What will participants learn?

Through the support programme, the City of Rijeka will pair young people with mentors who will help them identify and remove obstacles that hinder them from finding employment. What is more, they will help them choose a career path and support them when making decisions on job applications.

The second programme (activation) will teach participants to network and develop key skills. Expanding on this, they will learn new languages and gain work experience via volunteering.

Through the final programme (education), the successful applicants will prepare for employment and choose between two of RADAr’s verified education programmes. That is, they can choose to pursue development as an administrator in a sports organisation or an assistant on EU projects.

Who can apply and how?

Young citizens between the ages of 15 and 29 can apply to the municipality’s six-month RADAr programme if they have a NEET status. 

To submit an application online, one must visit Alternatively, they can apply at the Rijeka Technical Culture Centre and fill out all the necessary documentation in person.

Only 40 applicants will be accepted into the RADAr programme. 



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