Rijeka ECOC 2020, Source: Rijeka Municipality

Rijeka will offer 50 cultural events in April

Rijeka will offer 50 cultural events in April

To mark the final month of its ECOC 2020 programme, Rijeka has organised numerous exhibitions, tours, concerts, and plays

Last year, the Croatian city of Rijeka received the title of the European Capital of Culture 2020 (ECOC 2020). However, as one might expect, the pandemic interfered with the city’s ability to hold events and make full use of its title.

As a result, Rijeka’s title as ECOC 2020 was extended until April 2021. Now, the city has organised 50 cultural events which will take place in this “closing” month. These events will include exhibitions, installations, guided tours, concerts, plays and performances. Although most of these will take place only during April, some will continue for several months.

It is important to note that all the events will take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of those who attend. Moreover, the measures will be adjusted in the case of new information or rules related to the virus.

Exhibitions, tours, and concerts

In a press release, the Municipality of Rijeka listed some of the events which are expected to take place in the coming month. These include the following exhibitions:

  • Unknown Klimt - Love, Death, Ecstasy (closes mid-October)
  • Fashion and Comics (closes mid-June)
  • Fly Away or Stay on Earth (closes mid-June)

Guided tours and city walks will take place every weekend during the closing month of the ECOC 2020 programme. What is more, they will be suitable for people of all ages. Some of these walks include:

  • StreetArt walk for children
  • Guided tour of Rijeka murals
  • “Heritage of Rijeka as ECOC 2020” tour
  • Historical tour along Krešimirova Street

Rijeka will also offer a dozen different performances, concerts, and plays during April. However, the municipality explains that these events will largely depend on COVID and the rules regarding public gatherings.

  • Opera after Kamovo by Zoran Juranić
  • The Stravinsky Symphony Concert, Mahler: Farewell to ECoC
  • Janez Janša: Air Bridge (The Airlift)

The Mayor of Rijeka Vojko Obersnel commented on the upcoming events and the ECOC programme as he noted that the city managed to achieve more than it had thought would be possible. Moreover, Obersnel explained that it is thanks to the ECOC 2020 programme that the city has made the largest cultural investment in the Republic of Croatia.  

For more information on the events, visit the website of the Rijeka Municipality.

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