Weather cam snapshot from one of the Rincon's stations on 1 April, Source: Smart Costa del Sol

Rincón de la Victoria offers new information to residents and tourists

Rincón de la Victoria offers new information to residents and tourists

In this case, this concerns the installation of 4 new environmental stations

The municipal portal of Rincón de la Victoria informed about the installation of four environmental stations on the municipal territory which will provide up-to-date and more detailed meteorological data to anyone who is the need to know, whether they are residents or tourists planning to visit.

The town, located on the Spanish Costa del Sol, is part of a larger initiative (called Smart Costa del Sol), which aims to simultaneously introduce various modernization and digitization features to the municipalities of that region.

Part of Smart Costa del Sol

The four environmental stations include cameras that capture images and give an idea of what the conditions are like, as well as sensors that measure a variety of parameters, such as air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, ultraviolet radiation, wind speed and direction, and precipitation. That way, anyone can consult the current conditions in order to make plans regarding outdoor activities.

The four stations are located on the roofs of the following municipal buildings: the Mare Nostrum Hall, the town’s Tourist Office, Benagalbón Library and Torre de Benagalbón Library.

Rincón de la Victoria is one of the 13 Malaga Province municipalities participating in the Smart Costa del Sol initiative, which itself is carried out in the context of the Digital Agenda for Spain and is an instrument to offering better social and economic conditions for the inhabitants of these places.

The sensor measurement of the local environmental conditions is only the latest action from this initiative, which includes 14 other similar activities targeted at a comprehensive overhaul of the urban experience and quality of life for visitors and locals.

Among these, we can point out: the open data portal, smart irrigation systems, smart street lighting, smart parking, social wi-fi, Smart Costa del Sol app and portal, among others. You can check out the portal for yourself (in Spanish).



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