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Rogerstown Park in Balleally, Ireland has reopened

Rogerstown Park in Balleally, Ireland has reopened

The former landfill is being transformed into a recreational area commanding breathtaking views over Rogerstown Estuary and County Fingal coastline

Rogerstown Park in Balleally will reopen on Saturdays from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, Fingal County Council has announced on its Facebook page. However, in line with Covid-19 Level 5 restrictions, only residents living in the local 5km zone can now visit the park which is gradually taking shape on the site of the former Balleally landfill. 

40 metres high

Before its closure in May 2012, Balleally Landfill was the main landfill for the greater Dublin region. Over its 50 years of use it accommodated more than 12 million tonnes of waste and grew to a nearly 40 metre height.  

For the past 10 years, Fingal County Council has been working on a Masterplan to transform the unwelcoming area into a public amenity that will provide access to breathtaking views over Rogerstown Estuary and the Fingal coastline, and offer families, walkers and joggers opportunities for open-air recreation.  

Last year’s opening of the upper section of Rogerstown Park marked the end of the first phase of the Closure, Restoration and Aftercare Plan for the landfill. It included projects that solved flooding issues, improved surface and waste water collection, put capping systems in place over the entire site, and carried out construction of a new entrance area, car park and underground perimeter barrier wall.

Environmental considerations

Capital investment of EUR 3.5 million is planned for other projects on the site over the next three years, and a Development Plan for the park is currently in preparation. Parts of the Rogerstown Estuary are designated as a specified area of conservation because many bird species feed and breed in its mud flats.

Taking this into account, the county council pledges that biodiversity and natural remediation will be key considerations of any future development of Rogerstown Park. Moreover, local people are taking part in a public consultation process to find the best solutions for the further development stages. 

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