Hospitals are already reaching their maximum capacity

Romania reaches an all-time peak in Covid-infections, healthcare under great pressure

Romania reaches an all-time peak in Covid-infections, healthcare under great pressure

Last Thursday, the country’s Strategic Communication Group raised the alarm that intensive care beds are running out. Now, they are over capacity

Last week, TheMayor.EU reported that COVID-19 is coming back to Romania and hospitals are running out of ICU beds. As of 30 September, Romania officially reached its new all-time peak in Covid-infections at 12,032 people. This is a relatively high number considering the country's population of around 19 million people.

The grim milestone is coupled with the tragic news of 176 deaths caused by the disease on the same day. Fortunately, this is far off from the worst day of Covid-related deaths in Romania. That was on 29 June with 294 people. However, considering hospital shortages across the country, the future does not look too bright.

Romania is one of the countries in the European Union with the lowest vaccination rates, currently sitting at 28%. This is a factor that will certainly make the situation even harder to deal with.

Health Emergency

According to a report by AGERPRESS, a Romanian press agency, the county emergency hospital St Spiridon in Iasi reached its maximum Covid-patient capacity today, with ambulances having to wait in line to drop their patients off.

Dr Diana Cimpoeşu explained that the courtyard of the hospital grounds is filled with waiting ambulances and the hospital is forced to ask for assistance from the nearby Military Hospital, as emergency calls continue to come in.

The director of the 'St. Parascheva' Infectious Disease Hospital in Iasi also declared that his hospital is at maximum capacity. St Parascheva is COVID Phase I hospital for the whole area, meaning that they take care of the most difficult cases.

Bucharest, however, had the highest number of infected people sitting at 2,308, according to the Strategic Communication Group, Romania’s institution for Covid-information.

The latter claimed that a shocking 1,391 people are in intensive care units, with 18 of them being children.  



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