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Rome comes on top as world’s best food destination

Rome comes on top as world’s best food destination

It’s not just about pasta and pizza, either, and the Tripadvisor grassroots reviewers certainly know their thing

Tripadvisor’s annual rankings of Best Food Destinations are based on millions of travel reviews, so they definitely have the finger on the pulse of the foodie global scene. And for 2023, the decision is clear – Rome takes the cake coming out as number 1.

Describing Rome as "a real-life collage of piazzas, open-air markets, and astonishing historic sites", Tripadvisor advises: "Enjoy some of the most memorable meals of your life here, too, from fresh pasta to succulent fried artichokes or a tender oxtail stew."

More than nice vistas and ruins, there’s good eatin’, too

The recognition from Tripadvisor was welcomed by Rome mayor Roberto Gualtieri who described it on Twitter as confirmation of the "quality of the city's tourist offer and of our cuisine, unique in the world."

And that perhaps is the best thing about Rome, that despite its global clout in the tourism market thanks to its vast collection of ancient heritage sites, its food offerings still remain something hidden to be discovered by the truly discerning connoisseurs.

Yes, pasta and pizza exist there, but it is the more unusual culinary heritage that can surprise and delight. For example, did you know that the city hosts the most ancient Jewish community in Western Europe?

The Roman Jews have left their imprint with dishes like carciofi alla giudia (Jewish-style—deep fried—artichokes), fiori di zucca (fried zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella), and aliciotti e indivia (anchovies with endive).

The Jewish ghetto of Rome is a little hidden jewel between the Tiber and Piazza Venezia. Often, due to haste or lack of attention, this neighbourhood is snubbed by tourists, yet for those who venture there and slow their pace – culinary surprises are awaiting.

Rome was also placed fourth in the Most Popular Tourist Destination in the world category – two spots up from last year. It is only preceded by Dubai, Bali and London.



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