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Rome launches full digital service for residents

Rome launches full digital service for residents

Named ‘MY RHOME’, it aims to bring a sense of comfort with administrative dealings

On 1 April, the official Rome portal was glad to inform citizens about the launch of a digital dashboard called MY RHOME – The Digital House of the Citizen, which can be easily accessed from any type of electronic device and provides residents with up-to-date information on the statuses of their inquiries, applications and complaints. According to authorities, this further shows the commitment of the local government to implement a smart citizenship path in crisis times.

It is accompanied by a digital platform for civil servants

This digital dashboard will be able to provide more personalized service with the great feature that is inherent in being able to access it without even leaving one’s home. It is also promised that MY RHOME will expand its features in the coming days – for example, with the addition of the Single Environment of the Taxpayer tool.

Through the latter, the user will be able to consult his or her credit/debit position vis-à-vis the administration. In the case of pending deadlines, prompt notifications will be sent, which will save time and paper.

The Digital House of the Citizen is a project that was made possible with the support of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). The Italian capital has decided to set its foot on the path to digital transformation with the Digital Agenda 2017-2021. The product of this plan is not only MY RHOME but also the Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) platform. In fact, one would not be possible without the other.

The CRM platform is aimed at the administrative, back-office workers who provide the services to citizens and are, so to speak, on the other end of the line. This platform gives civil servants the ability to provide a better quality of services through multiple channels.

The Citizen’s Digital Home can be accessed at the dedicated area on Rome’s municipal portal after authentication with the credentials of the Public Digital Identity System (SPID), with the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) or through the National Card of Services (CNS).



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