Construction work will finish this summer, Source: Salling Group

Rooftop city park to open in Aarhus this summer

Rooftop city park to open in Aarhus this summer

It will cover an area of 1,400 square metres and offer panoramic views of the area

Yesterday, Denmark’s largest retail company Salling Group announced that it will unveil a new green space in Aarhus on 17 June. Titled “Salling Roofgarden”, the green oasis will be located on a rooftop in the city and offer panoramic views of the area. What is more, it will cover 1,400 square metres and serve as a city park where residents and tourists can seek comfort in nature.

Salling RoofgardenSalling Roofgarden plans (Source: Salling Group)

Rethinking urban spaces

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic and the subsequent introduction of lockdowns, people have begun to place more and more emphasis on being outdoors. In turn, many turned their backs on big cities and sought peace in nature. Rethinking urban spaces, “Salling Roofgarden” will soon make it possible for people to find the comfort they seek right in the city.

Discussing the past several years, the Director of Salling Marianne Bedsted explained that the pandemic deprived us of being close to our friends and families. In addition to this, it showed us the importance of pausing and reflecting during stressful times.

Sharing that the company’s new development will allow people to come together and breathe in the fresh air, Bedsted said: “When we open Salling Roofgarden in June, it is with the hope that we can make room for both.”

Attracting tourists

It is important to stress that, unlike Aarhus, metropolises worldwide are struggling to preserve the few green areas they have. It follows then that the rooftop garden will also positively impact the tourism sector as the Tourist Board of Aarhus believes a green space in an urbanised area will undoubtedly attract attention.

“With the establishment of Salling Roofgarden, Aarhus adds another significant and important attraction. A spectacular, green oasis like this in the urban space will receive international attention and recognition,” shared Pia Lange Christensen, Director of VisitAarhus.



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