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Ruse with a modern waste collection system

Ruse with a modern waste collection system

Servicing the new containers is fully mechanized, between 3 and 4 times faster and quieter

The Bulgarian city of Ruse is in the process of introducing a new system for the collection of household waste. It takes the shape of a combination of modern waste bins, new garbage trucks and specialized hardware and software for management and control.

Sustainable, larger and stronger garbage containers

Work with the containers is fully mechanized, which makes the service between 3 and 4 times faster and quieter than the old ones. The new bins have a larger volume than the previous ones and are made of steel, which makes them more stable.

Furthermore, when it rains, they will no longer be filled with water because they are designed so that they do not stay open longer than the time required to dispose of waste. Through the quick-closing mechanism, odours from waste will also be minimized.

At the moment, 15 new containers with a capacity of 2.5 cubic meters are located in the Danubian city. The larger size of these new containers allows for the removal of other ones around Ruse and paves the way for the unification of several garbage collection points in the Charodeyka South neighbourhood in front of blocks 205, 103, as well as between blocks 118 and 110.

After the replacement of all containers in the Charodeyka South neighbourhood, those located in Charodeyka North will also be replaced, according to the Municipality of Ruse. Due to the larger volume of the new vessels, at some of the installation points, it will be possible to optimize the space in order to ensure the safety of the roadway and sidewalks.

In case of an increase in the number or location of the bins, the citizens will be additionally notified by the municipal administration. The municipality also calls on citizens to use the new waste collection bins for their intended purpose and in accordance with legal provisions.

Ruse, Sofia, and Burgas are the first cities in Bulgaria to launch such smart systems for collecting household waste.



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