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Sønderborg takes measures to reduce drinking and driving

Sønderborg takes measures to reduce drinking and driving

The measures include more frequent police checks, campaign posters, and important advice

On 31 May, Sønderborg Municipality in Denmark announced that it is working with the Council for Safe Traffic to prevent drinking and driving and ensure the safety of residents. To do so, the municipality has shared that the police will conduct alcohol checks more frequently this summer. In addition to this, the city has installed “Ready for a breather?” posters along the sides of the roads.


In a press release, the city reported that 1,028 people were charged for drinking and driving in June and July last year. Moreover, a 2020 survey asked 2,238 drivers whether or not they have driven while under the influence throughout the previous year.

The findings revealed that 8% of drivers have driven a vehicle even though they were unsure if they were sober enough to do so. Results further showed that 10% of men and 5% of women have driven while under the influence. Finally, a whopping 16% of 17-35-year-olds admitted to driving drunk.

Measures to promote safety

To reiterate, Sønderborg Municipality will increase the number of alcohol checks and install posters, reminding drivers that they must be sober if they are on the road. Beyond this, however, the municipality also offers important advice.

Commenting on this, Senior Project Manager at the Council for Safe Traffic Michelle Laviolette noted: “If you have the slightest doubt about your blood alcohol level, leave the car. Driving can be extremely risky. You risk injuring yourself or others, being charged with drunk driving and losing your driver’s license. So, before you drink, plan how to get home safely.”

What is more, the municipality explains how one must proceed if they have guests. That is, one must ask them how they plan on returning home before serving them alcoholic beverages. If guests do drink, you must then make sure that they do not drive home. Instead, offer them accommodation, call them a taxi, or drive them home if you are sober.



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