Mayor Harold Preuner presenting Salzburg's new coffee brand , Source: Alexander Killer / City of Salzburg

Salzburg now makes its own brand of fairtrade coffee

Salzburg now makes its own brand of fairtrade coffee

The product launch will mark the 10-year anniversary since the city started working with ethically sourced products

Today, local authorities in Salzburg announced the launch of a new municipal fairtrade coffee brand that will be sold in the city. The announcement comes to mark the 10-year anniversary since the city decided to adopt the FAIRTRADE label.

The new brand will be roasted in Seeham, a village located just north of the city, and sold only in two spots in Salzburg itself - on Linzergasse and on Berchtesgadener Straße. According to an official press statement, the coffee brand name is Bio Fairtrade Salzburg Kaffee.

Local authorities claim that the beans themselves are sourced from farmers in Nicaragua, Mexico and Guatemala. Mayor Harald Preuner was quoted in a press statement, explaining that ethically sourced products are now more important than ever, as they conserve resources and benefit later generations.

Fairtrade in Salzburg

Salzburg decided to start the procedure of gaining the FAIRTRADE city label back in 2013. However, there were five criteria to be met first. The municipality needed to be committed to fair trade – the practice of trading between developed and developing countries in raw materials includes fair compensation for the producers.

Additionally, the city had to be involved in the FAIRTRADE group, making FAIRTRADE products available and using FAIRTRADE products, in addition to spreading the fairtrade idea. Usually, the products that fall under that category are coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar, fruit and even muesli bars.

Salzburg received the FAIRTRADE city label in April 2014 and since then has offered ethically sourced products in kindergartens and retirement homes. Moreover, city officials regularly organize exhibitions, city walks, children’s programmes and walks to promote the idea of ethically sourced products.



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