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Salzburg’s mobile book bus heads back to the streets

Salzburg’s mobile book bus heads back to the streets

Following a pause in operations, the mobile library is once again at the disposal of locals

Books are an essential part of every person’s life and making them more widely accessible and easy to find has only grown in importance over the past few decades amidst the rise and prevalence of digital technologies. And it is local authorities that are some of the institutions best poised to ensure that citizens have the opportunity to find a book that they can enjoy without any unnecessary hassle.

In the Austrian city of Salzburg, for a time citizens had their very own mobile library – but unfortunately, the bus was forced to suspend its operations. Yet after a long tendering process, local officials have finally managed to find a worthy successor to their previous initiative.

Meet Mobi Book

Through social media channels, citizens of Salzburg were asked a question by local authorities – how would they name the city’s new book bus? The clear winner that emerged from the polls was Mobi Book – a creative solution that is short for mobile library.

The city’s new book bus was then inaugurated earlier this week on Monday 22 June by Salzburg’s Mayor Harald Preuner, alongside Vice Mayor Bernhard Auinger.

“The book bus has become indispensable for many of Salzburg's residents, and it is nice that after the lengthy tendering process, a worthy successor to the old bus has now been found," stated the Mayor, with Vice-Mayor Auinger, who is also responsible for the city library, further adding  “I am pleased that the book bus will bring its offerings back to the districts from today. The naming showed how important the book bus is for the people of Salzburg. Many creative ideas did not make it easy for us, the jury had to sift through many names. Together we agreed on Mobi Book. This name has a high recognition value and I really like it.”

After the unveiling ceremony, Mobi Book embarked on its first trip across the streets of Salzburg and along its previous route, in order to deliver the joy of reading to the very doorsteps of citizens.



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