Project participants in a dentistry office, Source: Jelgava Municipality

Sample a career before embarking on it: Jelgava’s way

Sample a career before embarking on it: Jelgava’s way

An initiative offers the chance to youngsters from low-income backgrounds to make an educated choice

The Latvian city of Jelgava is inviting young people aged 16 to 25 to get involved in the project "Free, Reasonable, Responsible", by participating in activities that can help them understand and choose the most appropriate profession for them. During the training, participants will find out about possible careers and volunteer jobs, as well as draw up their individual career plan together with a counselor. 

Life’s big decisions are better informed from experience

The target audience of the project is thirty young people from Jelgava, including such from groups at a risk of social exclusion - young people from poor and low-income families, as well as young people working low-income jobs, inactive youth and others. The initiative includes informal educational activities, seeking to develop the competencies necessary for life and the labour market and promote the social inclusion of the participants.

Before starting the internship placement, it is planned to provide each program participant with a face-to-face training with a career counsellor, for a total duration of three hours, and in a group of fifteen people.

The youngsters will get the chance to practice self-knowledge; explore future professions and volunteer workplaces; draw up an individual career plan and observe the specifics of the job. They will also perform voluntary work in the chosen place for a total of six hours, spread over three weeks, by planning and mutually agreeing with the representatives of the institutions.

By drawing conclusions from previous editions of the project, it was understood that young people have shown the greatest interest in their applications for opportunities to get to know six professions in more depth. These are medicine and pharmacy, trade and logistics, construction, IT technologies, catering, as well as education and psychology. 



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