San Sebastian introduces high technology to improve the parking experience for disabled drivers, Source: Unsplash

San Sebastian puts sensors on disability spots to counteract unlawful parking

San Sebastian puts sensors on disability spots to counteract unlawful parking

The smart devices also let drivers with reduced mobility know where the nearest free spot is located

The installation of smart sensors on disability parking spots has begun in the Spanish Basque city of San Sebastian with the goal of having 350 such devices operational. The aim behind this action is to prevent, or at least lessen, the possibility of having other drivers occupy these spaces illegally and thus bring about more social justice in the traffic environment.

What’s more, the U-Spot M2M sensors will indicate to drivers of reduced mobility status the availability and location of nearby parking spots that have been set aside for them.

Control, guidance and justice

PMR (the Spanish abbreviation for people with reduced mobility) parking spaces are often improperly occupied by unauthorized drivers, causing significant inconvenience in the daily life of this community. In this context, more and more cities are opting for digitization to improve space and parking management.

The sensors were thus the solution proposed by Urbiotica, the company that designs and produces the smart devices. Consequently, drivers will not have to spend so much time looking for where to park their vehicles, which will reduce pollution by reducing unnecessary traffic and improving the parking experience.

This is how the system functions. The data captured will be used to guide people with reduced mobility to the available places. Through an app, users will be able to find out the occupancy of the spaces at all times, and therefore, go directly to a free space.

Once, they’ve parked they will have to confirm to the app that they’ve occupied the spot as a registered user with a disability. 

If an unlicensed driver parks in the spot, he/she won’t be able to confirm their legibility to occupy it, and the system will automatically alert the control authorities of the offence. The police officers can then head directly to the spot to issue a ticket.



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