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Santa Claus to meet Ljubljana’s children on Zoom this year

Santa Claus to meet Ljubljana’s children on Zoom this year

There will be wireless gift-giving, too

The extraordinary situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic calls for innovative approaches to everyday challenges. With the end-of-the-year holidays approaching and the uncertainty surrounding the health situation in Europe, many cities have decided to cancel or adapt their Christmas markets while others have moved them to the virtual space.

Be as it may, but when it comes to Christmas presents, Ljubljana is absolutely determined to reward its well-behaved children. In 2020, however, Santa Claus will not arrive on a sleigh powered by flying reindeer, but by logging onto the Zoom virtual platform.

As for the presents - they will not be delivered through the chimney, but through Wi-Fi. Read on to find out how the Slovenian capital will be making sure the Christmas magic lives on despite the pandemic circumstances.

Going through the chimney is not safe for Santa in 2020

In 2020 Ljubljana will be organising a very special visit of Santa Claus - one that is safe both for him, who due to his age is amongst the most vulnerable to COVID-19, and for the local families. Instead of stopping at each home in the city, he will be the main guest of a great virtual party held at Ljubljana Technology Park.

Together with his loyal elves, Santa will be joined by musician and physicist Janez Dovč who will assist him in making this year’s celebration truly remarkable. With the help of his Tesla music laboratory, Dovč will assist Santa Claus to create a real teleporter for the wireless transmission of gifts over long distances to all the well-behaved children. The latter will have a mission to discover where Santa has hidden their gifts during the show.

Those who want to join the party can do this on Thursday, 17 December, on Zoom, at 4:30 p.m. The party is most suitable for children, but public and private employees are also welcome to join.

Finally, to make sure that each child receives the gift they had asked Santa for, parents will have an important role to play on the big day. They are required to register before 14 December, via this link and find more details about what they need to do.



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