A marking on a cycling lane

Santa Cruz de Tenerife goes for distinct branding of cycling lanes

Santa Cruz de Tenerife goes for distinct branding of cycling lanes

With that, the city wants to implant the idea of traffic spaces for cars, micromobility and pedestrians

Tíncer is a relatively new and small district lying in the southwest of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. At the start of this week, it entered local news thanks to plans by the City Council to implement a solution responding to the demographic trends there and the way they affect mobility.

The plan is to extend and widen the existing bike lane in the district and turn it into a proper micromobility road lane, equipped with its own distinctive markings, safety features and parking lots. In essence, that would create three types of traffic lanes there: one for vehicles, one for micromobility devices and one for pedestrians.

An example of a local government responding to demographic trends

The drafting of the project has been completed, although it will only be put out to tender in the first quarter of 2022. The renewed Personal Mobility Vehicles lane will stretch for 3 kilometres and facilitate the transit between a tramway stop in La Galega to the Insular Athletics Centre. The lane will run, together with a parallel pedestrian lane, through the central part of Los Majuelos Avenue.

The intervention apparently has been motivated as a response to the rise of bicycles and scooters, devices that are preferred by the younger residents. And youngsters there are aplenty, given that the new neighbourhood has attracted families. These demographic shifts have caused a change in the mobility landscape there.

The lane renovation will include a new design painted with blue colour, (the same as the city’s coat of arms) as well as the inclusion of safety markings and features. There are points where the pedestrian lane will cross the micromobility lane so there will be indications, such as tactile pavements, which also help reduce one’s speed.

Furthermore, there will be mooring areas where riders can park their bicycles or scooters, located at both ends of the lane.



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