electoral poster, Source: City of Lodz

See how Lodz recycles electoral posters

See how Lodz recycles electoral posters

Yet another item that could be easily integrated into the circular economy

Hardly can we imagine a city looking worse than on the day after elections were held. However, the thousands of dilapidating paper faces looking critically at us from poles, public transport stops and walls, represent much more than a distraction for the eye. The main challenge certainly is their instant loss of utility that turns them into a voluminous trash.

Luckily, this local authority in Poland has come up with a great practical solution which brings value to the paper posters and reduces the amounts of waste generated. Motivated to give banners a second life, Małgorzata Niewiadomska-Cudak, vice-president of the City Council in Lodz has made the decision to stop this. Together with Centrum IN Foundation, they decided to turn them into seating cushions.

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Many electoral candidates simply throw them away, and yet they can still be used, explains vice-chairwoman Małgorzata Niewiadomska-Cudak. This is how they came up with the idea of ​​turning the posters into seating cushions. They are very practical as you can sit on them on the grass in the park or on the floor. They can also be used by children during outdoor activities. "This is my idea for the practical use of electoral banners that I wanted to promote. I hope they will serve others," she continued. Another use she suggested – sending the cushions to daycare homes and residences for seniors.

The first recycled items are already produced. The pillows are stuffed with tailor cuttings, which were also saved from the trash. For pillows, however, they work perfectly.

"We want to maintain certain ecological standards. We do not want to produce garbage, and we intend to use it in the best way. Pillows were sewn by a friendly tailor's company. I hope that they will end up in orphanages and kindergartens and will serve the youngest," added Małgorzata Szymańska, president of the board of the Centrum IN Foundation.

Source: City of Lodz



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