Attendees are sure to be enthralled with the experience, Source: ICAS Sevilla

Sensory Christmas dinner will marvel Seville visitors

Sensory Christmas dinner will marvel Seville visitors

The audio-visual art projects will make the participants see the holiday feast in a different light

If you happen to be in Seville somewhere between 18 and 30 December, make sure you treat yourself to an intriguing art show performance at the Espacio Santa Clara (former convent turned cultural venue). The organizers have prepared a bunch of interesting surprises for the whole family but one that we think particularly sticks out is the ‘Gastro-poem of Christmas’ (Gastro-poema de Navidad) show.

The sensorial project, by Imperdible Performing and Visual Arts, will take place every evening in that period (except 24 and 25 December) at the refectory. Using different video-mapping techniques, it builds a virtual and parallel reality around Christmas in this unique space.

Avant-garde take on the holiday feast experience

The show, which returns to Santa Clara two years after its debut, shows a table set out with all the elements of a Christmas dinner. Some characters, such as mischievous spirits, introduce the attendees to a dreamlike world recreated with iconography typical of this holiday feast but also mixed with other images and elements.

The show provides a different, magical and poetic vision of a table whose plates, glasses and cutlery breathe, speak and relate virtual food and gastronomic illusions directly to the senses, turning the mundane into something extraordinary and suggestive.

At each function, up to 64 spectators will be seated at 8 tables where they will contemplate works allusive to Christmas on their plates. In the background, pieces by Mozart, traditional New Year's waltzes and some more abstract melodies will be played. Several of the paintings that are projected and animated refer to the more traditional Spanish Christmas, while others represent the Anglo-Saxon tradition, becoming more popularized today by the media.

In addition, the cloister will have a Christmas atmosphere and video-mapping projections on a Christmas tree that the public will be able to enjoy before entering the show. It is thus recommended to arrive at Espacio Santa Clara in advance in order to avoid crowds in the cloister. 

The show has free access and lasts about 15 minutes, held in six daily sessions, at 6.30 pm, 7:00 p.m., 7.30 p.m., 8:00 p.m., 8.30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. The capacity is limited to 32 people, so a previous online reservation is necessary.



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