Nisyros, Greece

Several Greek islands are COVID-free and anticipating summer

Several Greek islands are COVID-free and anticipating summer

After having the majority of their inhabitants vaccinated, these islands are now COVID-free and ready for the tourist season

A year ago, COVID threw the world into a state of panic. Afraid and anxious, people looked to their leaders and governments for answers. Unfortunately, they did not receive the comfort they sought as all they could hear were words like “unprecedented” and “deadly”. Moreover, the only solution they were offered was isolation as they were urged to stay home for weeks and months.

COVID-free Greek islands

Now, although we may still be in the midst of a pandemic, we have more answers - that is, we have answers that make it possible for the world to slowly but surely return to normal.

Therefore, instead of staying home this summer, you can now travel to one of Greece’s COVID-free islands. This has become possible since islands with under 1,000 inhabitants have begun vaccinating their entire populations. Discussing the situation in their islands, several mayors spoke to the news network Greek Reporter.


The Greek island of Kastellorizo has a small population of around 300 residents; as a result, it has been relatively swift and easy to vaccinate all of the island’s inhabitants. Kastellorizo’s Deputy Mayor Stratos Amygdalos commented: “We are a remote island with a weak health system and vaccination helped boost our morale. Before that, we felt insecure if a single case of COVID appeared.”

While most of the islanders have taken the vaccine, a few are expected to have their final dose on Saturday 13 March. Despite this, the people of Kastellorizo still comply with the safety rules and regulations by wearing masks.


Nisyros island is also on its way to having all of its 1,000 residents vaccinated. Taking this further, the island’s Deputy Mayor Christofis Koronaios stated that by Saturday 13 March, the majority of the population should be inoculated.

While the island did not suffer any losses during the pandemic, Koronaios explains that they eagerly await to boost their economy. Once the entire population is vaccinated, the island will be able to reopen its businesses.


This Greek island hopes to finish vaccinating all of its residents by 11 March. Mayor Aggelos Fraggakis noted that while some of the elderly were initially hesitant and fearful, they eventually agreed to have the vaccinations. After having taken the first dose, the islanders now feel safer and more relieved, explained the mayor.


Lefteris Papakalodoukas, the island’s mayor, explained that all islanders will be vaccinated by the end of spring in April. Addressing this year’s tourism and travel, Papakalodoukas noted that those visiting Symi will have to be tested before arriving at the island.


Much like the aforementioned islands, Tilos is also planning on the vaccination of its entire population. More specifically, it aims to have inoculated all of its inhabitants by 10 April. Mayor Maria Kamma-Aliferi’s views on travel and tourism are similar to Papakalodoukas' as she said that all tourists must be tested upon arrival.

Ultimately, thanks to the COVID vaccines, summer is expected slowly but surely to become what it once used to be.

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