Seville and Paphos will show and share best practices for smart tourism in 2023, Source: European Commission

Seville and Paphos will be the 2023 European Capitals of Smart Tourism

Seville and Paphos will be the 2023 European Capitals of Smart Tourism

The two cities will foster the path of post-COVID tourism in the Old Continent

Seville (Spain) and Paphos (Cyprus) were the two cities that impressed the Brussels jury the most, and as a result, snatched the two titles for the 2023 European Capitals of Smart Tourism. In the fourth edition of the competition, seven finalist cities from the continent presented their visions for the development of a successful tourism economic model in the age of post-COVID and energy transition.

The two winners presented the most outstanding programmes of activities that they intend to execute during 2023. They also stood out for their capacity to act as role models for other cities. Meanwhile, the city of Kranj (Slovenia) was also distinguished as the 2023 European Destination of Excellence.

What’s next?

The two European Capitals of Smart Tourism will receive a purpose-built sculpture for their city centres, which will be displayed prominently for the duration of their year as a European Capital of Smart Tourism. Furthermore, the winning cities will receive promotional support and become a part of the growing network of smart tourism cities in Europe.

The network is facilitating knowledge sharing and the exchange of best practices, via a series of workshops and the publication of a best practices guide. The European Capitals of Smart Tourism will become part of the post-COVID recovery of the European tourism industry that includes the support of innovative tourism measures and they are set to become role models for digital, accessible, sustainable and creative tourism in Europe and beyond.

The European Capital of Smart Tourism is an EU initiative that aims to promote smart tourism in the EU by rewarding cities for their pioneering smart tourism approaches in accessibility, digitalisation, sustainability, and cultural heritage and creativity.

The initiative seeks to foster innovative, sustainable, and inclusive tourism development, as well as to spread and facilitate the exchange of best practices.



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