Minister Carazo (on the left) at the unveiling of the charging station, Source: Junta de Andalucía

Seville bus station first in Spain with a free e-scooter charging station

Seville bus station first in Spain with a free e-scooter charging station

This is part of a focused effort to support intermodality in the city

The Plaza de Armas bus station is the first in Spain to feature an e-scooter charging station that is free of charge. The new infrastructural point was unveiled on 22 September at the Andalusian capital’s transport facility, which is a large hub for all kinds of bus lines – from municipal all the way to international.

The recharging station has ten supply points and will operate on working days from 7.30 am to midnight uninterruptedly to provide service to those commuters using scooters to go to work or to their studies. The charging station will be free to use for commuters who are also holders of the local transit pass.

The unveiling coincided with the European Mobility Week and the World Car-Free Day

The Andalusian Minister for Development and Infrastructures, Marifrán Carazo, personally attended the launch of the charging station. The event was scheduled to take place on World Car-Free Day in order to maximize the impact of its message. It also coincided with the closing day of the European Mobility Week – a now annual tradition, which is used by regional and local authorities to showcase and try out new innovations around the world of sustainable mobility.

Minister Carazo described the new feature as “adding a new ally to intermodality that is already Andalusia's sustainable mobility strategy”. What she referred to was likely the Bus + Bici service – a free bicycle loan service that has existed in the city since 2006 and so popular that it was copied by other metropolitan areas in the region.

The new charging station is located inside the bicycle parking of that service. Scooter riders will be able to park their devices, (even though they are also allowed to bring them onto public transit if they wish to) thanks to the security guards present at the parking.

Connecting this new service to the local transport card shows a desire to evolve a true intermodality, by combining public transit services with personal mobility vehicles.



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