Awnings providing shade over a Seville street, Source: Ayuntamiento de Sevilla

Seville City Council awards new contract to keep historic district shady in summer

Seville City Council awards new contract to keep historic district shady in summer

This has been a regularly provided municipal service since 1992

The summer in Seville can be scorching hot and the rising temperatures due to global warming aren’t helping, either. That is why the City Council has been contracting a private company for the past 30 years to place protecting canvases above the streets of the historic district as a way to provide some much-needed shade.

On Monday, 21 March, the municipal website announced that the authorities have awarded a new contract to a company for the next three years for a budget of almost 810,000 euros. There are some changes, however, since there is a new beneficiary and the awnings will be the property of the company. This means that the City will not have to spend resources on maintaining the protective coverings anymore.

Making the city livable in summer

Local residents might be somewhat used to the intense temperatures in summer, however, the historic district is also the gathering point for tourists to the city, so the city authorities have been keen on making this area as comfortable as possible. The idea of placing awnings above the streets originated back in 1992 during the famous Seville Expo, when the city saw increased numbers of visitors.

With the longer (3-year) period of validity, the City Council intends to give stability to this essential service, thus avoiding having to put it out to public tender every year as it has been customary until now.

In addition to the inner city group of streets, the City Council of Seville, through its Department of Urban Planning and the Environment, has awarded a new contract to also install awnings on Avenida de la Constitución, the main artery of the old town district. The budget for this service amounts to additional 489,401 euros for 3 years.



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