Seville homeless centre, Source: Seville City Council

Seville to build new night center for the homeless

Seville to build new night center for the homeless

How the Spanish city initiative helps people who need shelter

The problem with homeless people has been on the rise throughout Europe in recent years. Spain is no exception to this trend. According to the National Statistical Institute of Spain, as of 2017, there was an increase of more than 20% in the number of people who sought shelter or help. The average occupancy in most shelters reached more than 85%. According to some NGOs, however, these numbers are not accurate and there are much more people without homes.

The City of Barcelona, for example, devised a plan for fighting homelessness (2016-2020 Barcelona Plan for Fighting Homelessness) that recognizes 8 areas of action including prevention, protection, and reduction.

The initiative of Seville

The City of Seville published a tender for a new night center for the homeless in order to relocate the old one from Macarena. The new one will serve the areas of Macarena, Triana y Casco Antiguo, Poligono Sur, and Poligono Norte, etc.

The initiative is part of a larger plan for the development of the region and social responsibility and diversification of financial resources application. The funding amounts to close to 1.5 million euros and the duration of the project shall be 2 years. The design includes offices, rooms with 40 beds, a kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, storage room, etc.

The local authorities wish to diversify the places where homeless people can find shelter and help. The concentration in certain neighborhoods is no longer an option.

The future night center will serve as a shelter to people for a night and will offer accommodation, food, and shower. The service will be 24/7 365 days per year and the hours will be accommodated according to the season. If needed, there will be professionals to help with social and psychological assistance. At the same time, there will be possibilities for different cultural activities and social and personal development on offer. They will serve as a basis for the homeless people to come back to normal life and society.

The City of Seville presents a perfect example of social responsibility which is part of a broader strategy of Spain to fight homelessness and assist for the social inclusion of this part of the Spanish society.



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