Signing of the agreement for the parks in Sibenik, Source: Grad Sibenik

Sibenik gets ready for massive expansion of green public spaces in 2021

Sibenik gets ready for massive expansion of green public spaces in 2021

Two sports fields and four children’s playgrounds will be built or modernized in the city over the course of the year

Four children's playgrounds and two sports fields will be built, arranged and equipped this year in the area of ​​the Croatian city of Šibenik. Completely new children's playgrounds will be built in the area of ​​the city districts of Ražina and Vrpolje, while the existing dilapidated children's playgrounds will be renovated in Meterize and Vidice.

In addition, the basketball court next to the elementary school in Zaton will be covered with a new cast surface, while outdoor exercise equipment will be installed within the Miminac sports hall.

Providing more to local children

Upon announcing the construction and renovation works, Sibneik’s mayor Zeljko Buric stated that "This is a capital investment in communal infrastructure in the amount of 1.5 million kuna, and the end-users of the construction will be our youngest fellow citizens. For the first time, children's playgrounds will be given to children from Ražin Gornji and Vrpolje, and dilapidated playgrounds in large city districts such as Meterize and Vidici will be renovated. These are precious spaces for children and their parents, so I once again appeal to all fellow citizens to stay and use these areas with special care because it is our common property."

Deputy Mayor Danijel Mileta reminded that ten children's playgrounds had been completely renovated or built in the few years.

"In regular talks with representatives of city districts and local committees, priorities are set for the construction of new and renovation of old children's playgrounds, so from year to year, the city administration does the same. In the past period, we have completely renovated or built public children's playgrounds in Bioci, Krvavice, Mažurice, Meterize, Šubićevac, Crnica, Šibenik's Riva, Brodarica beach, and the islands of Krapanj and Žiri.

The environment of the kindergartens Građe, Kućice, Vesla in Zaton and Mali Mihovil on Jamnjak has also been arranged. We also built a unique playground for children with special needs in Šubićevac. There are many wishes, and we realize them in accordance with the possibilities and the stated priorities.”

The expected completion of the works, which will be performed by the company ZZ CONCEPT doo , based in Zagreb and responsible for some of the city’s already inaugurated new public spaces, is sometime in the spring of 2021.

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