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Sibenik mulls creation of its very own cable car connection

Sibenik mulls creation of its very own cable car connection

The cable car will link two of the city’s ancient fortresses

Earlier this week, a meeting was held in the mayor's office between Sibenik local officials and representatives of the company Dalekovod-projekt LLC, the developers of the conceptual design of the city’s future cable car route. The meeting was attended by Mayor Željko Burić and his associates, the head of the Conservation Department in Šibenik Angela Bujas and the director of the Public Institution Fortress of Culture Šibenik Gorana Barišić Bačelić.

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Representatives of the company Dalekovod projekt LLC Petra Starčević and Matija Oršanić introduced the working version of the conceptual design of the cable car from the fortress of St. Mihovil to the fortress of St. Ivana. After the shortest and at the same time the most optimal route of the cable car in the length of about 300 meters was chosen at one of the previous meetings concerning the project, at today's meeting the base stations next to both fortresses were presented.

It is imagined that the base stations are of minimal dimensions, harmonized with the technical predispositions of the cable car and the visual identity adapted to the environment.

Mayor Željko Burić expressed his satisfaction with what he saw and expressed full support for the implementation of further steps in the project.

It was agreed that in the coming period the company Dalekovod-projekt LLC will finalize its documentation, and since the City of Šibenik is in the process of changing the GUP, special conditions of public bodies will further define all the remaining details of the conceptual design of the cable car.

At this stage, the estimated value of the construction of the cable car is 5 million euros, and the City of Šibenik intends to receive that money through European funds. The contract with Dalekovod-projekt LLC is worth HRK 125,000 without VAT.

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