Concert for Ukraine, Source: Slovak Music Union on Facebook

Slovak cities to hold concerts for Ukraine

Slovak cities to hold concerts for Ukraine

They will demonstrate how cultural events can help us cope during difficult times

Seven municipalities in Slovakia have joined forces with the Slovak Music Union to hold a series of "Concerts for Ukraine". The first cultural event will take place on Mierovo náměstí in Trenčín on Thursday, 3 March from 4 pm. It will then be followed by similar events in six other Slovak cities, namely Prešov, Košice, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, Trnava and Nitra on Sunday, 6 March. 

The role of culture

During the upcoming concerts, residents will have the chance to listen to dozens of artists and civic activists from both Slovakia and Ukraine. According to the municipalities who have teamed up with the music union, this week’s events will demonstrate the role of culture during difficult times. More specifically, they will highlight how it can help people express their emotions and empathy. 

“The concerts for Ukraine are a joint expression of support and human solidarity with Ukraine and its people; with those who, out of fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, are leaving their homes in droves, as well as those who have stayed and decided to defend their homeland. 

It is also dedicated to colleagues from the Ukrainian cultural scene, with whom we have years of cooperation, relations, and friendships,” commented Lumír Mati from the Slovak Music Union on behalf of the concerts’ organisers.

The Slovak Music Union is creating separate Facebook event pages for each of the concerts. There, one can obtain all the information they need, including who will perform, where they can make donations and how they can support those affected by the war. 

Those who cannot attend the concerts in person can live stream them through the Facebook event pages.



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