A bus stop in Poprad, Source: City of Poprad

Slovak city makes public transport free for healthcare workers

Slovak city makes public transport free for healthcare workers

Poprad wants to thank them for their efforts during the pandemic

From 17 January, hospital employees in Poprad will be able to use public transport for free. The Slovak city announced this news on 12 January, sharing that it collaborated with Slovenská autobusová doprava (SAD) to find a way of thanking healthcare professionals for their hard work.  

Regardless of their job positions, all hospital employees can soon board the city’s buses without purchasing a ticket. To use the service, they must simply present their employee card to the driver of the vehicle, who will then issue a free ticket.

“I think they deserve it because, in these difficult times, we have all realised what it means to be a healthcare professional. The state and the Ministry of Health, in particular, should also think about their working conditions and salaries. We cannot help them with more than free transport, but I believe they will use it,” commented the Mayor of Poprad, Anton Danko.

Free transport for all citizens

During his election campaign, Mayor Danko promised the city’s residents that he would make public transport free for all. He has now followed through on his promise, revealing that it will be free for all citizens as of 1 September.

With this action, the municipality hopes to encourage more people to use the city’s buses instead of their cars or taxis. In other words, it seeks to promote more environmentally friendly transport to reduce air pollution and become a greener city.

It is interesting to note that, according to Director of SAD Poprad Marianna Krajčová Gočová, Poprad is the only city in Slovakia that has seen a 30% increase in the performance of public transport since the outbreak of COVID. For this reason, it is expected that making its use cost-free will make it even more attractive.  



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