The districts of Bratislava, capital city and region, are in the green tier

Slovakia adopts vaccination-based Covid alert system

Slovakia adopts vaccination-based Covid alert system

Restaurant owners and mass event organisers will decide by themselves whom to grant entry to

Slovakia’s Covid automat warning system has changed significantly as of 16 August. The refurbished automaton bids farewell to nationwide across-the-board measures and will be more regionally sensitive, meaning that measures can differ within districts.

5-tier system linked to vaccination rate

According to the new 5-tier system, the country is divided into green, orange, red, dark red and black districts depending on the vaccination rate of residents aged 50 and over.  

So, if a district registers vaccine uptake of more than 65 percent among its 50+ residents, it will move to a lower tier, where less stringent measures will apply. And if the vaccination rate among this age group surpasses 75 percent, the district may improve by two tiers straight away.

More vaccinations – fewer restrictions

How does this translate in practice? In Monday’s COVID-automaton, according to a TASR newsfeed, nine districts - Gelnica, Košice I-IV, Košice-okolie, Poprad, Spišská Nová Ves and Stará Ľubovňa - are coloured orange (alert), with all other districts remaining green (monitoring).

In green districts, fully vaccinated people can enjoy unrestricted access to most activities, while the non-vaccinated or those recently tested negative for Covid-19 may be subject to slight constraints. Mask-wearing is mandatory indoor in both green and orange districts.

Organizers determine entry rules

In orange districts, stricter rules apply for mass events, restaurants, fitness and wellness centres, weddings and funerals. There, attendance numbers will depend on the entry rules determined by the owners and organisers.

Catering establishment owners and mass event organisers have three options to choose from – access for fully vaccinated people only, OTP (only for the vaccinated, negatively tested and recovered from COVID-19) and the so-called base mode, meaning unrestricted access for all. There will be no limit on the capacity of events attended only by fully vaccinated people. In the case of OTP arrangements outdoor events will be capped at 5,000 people, and indoor events at 2,500 people. For events without infection checks, the attendance limit has been set at 1,000 people outdoors and 500 people indoors.

Schools in Slovakia will follow their own Covid alert system.



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