Slovakia enters 4th and final stage of lifting lockdown restrictions

Slovakia enters 4th and final stage of lifting lockdown restrictions

The lifting of some measures began yesterday, while others will follow in a couple of weeks

As TheMayor.EU reported a few weeks ago, the government of Slovakia has developed and is implementing a 4-phase approach to the lifting of lockdown restrictions in the country. Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country, much like many others in Europe, was forced to put life on hold while the coronavirus threat subsided.

Slovak authorities’ idea for returning back to normal was the steady lifting of lockdown restrictions – depending on the success of previous efforts, more and more of the country would be allowed to return back to work and back onto the streets. Now, thanks to the combined efforts of authorities and citizens, Slovakia is finally ready to proceed to the final stage of the government’s lockdown lifting plan.

The changes that are coming

Changes began happening as early as yesterday but will continue throughout the next couple of weeks. On 20 May, tattoo and piercing salons, as well as indoor tourist attractions were allowed to reopen, while the distance required per customer in shops was reduced from 25 square metres to 15.

Today, meanwhile, begin other reopenings that will bring the country out of the shadow of the virus. Cinemas and theatres will once again be allowed to operate, as well as events of fewer than 100 people. The same goes for shopping centres, outdoor sports centres, restaurants with indoor seating and others.

Furthermore, masks will soon no longer be mandatory outdoors, so long as people are within 5 metres of each other. Life will also be made easier for those holding a temporary residence of Slovakia and travelling to neighbouring countries, as they will no longer be required to take a mandatory coronavirus test and will not have to stay in quarantine.

Finally, on 1 June, kindergartens and primary schools will finally be allowed to reopen in full – with a cap on the number of children in each group, however – 15 in kindergarten groups and 20 in primary school groups. Distance learning, however, remains a viable choice for parents who would prefer their kids to stay at home for a longer period of time.



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