Announcing TSZ: (from left) B. Noč (Beekeepers' Association of Slovenia), H. Lukaček (MIZŠ)), I. Simčič (Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Education) and A. Mager (Association of Slovenian Rural Youth), Source: MIZŠ

Slovenia celebrates national Food Day

Slovenia celebrates national Food Day

Almost 1,000 kindergartens and primary schools will take part in the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast on 19 November

Slovenia is one of the few countries that have child nutrition in schools systematically organized and regulated by law. Unsurprisingly, Slovenian Food Day will be celebrated on Friday, 19 November, with a traditional Slovenian breakfast in almost 1,000 kindergartens and primary schools across the country, according to a government press release.  

The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast project, which has been running for 11 consecutive years, braving the pandemic constraints raises awareness of the importance and benefits of locally grown food and the formation of healthy dietary habits from early age. 

Focus on fruits and vegetables self-sufficiency

This year, the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast (TSZ) coincides with the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables. Accordingly, the slogan of the initiative is "Breakfast with fruit - great day ahead!" and special emphasis is placed on the importance of local self-sufficiency in the production and supply of fruits and vegetables. 

Speaking at a press conference on the occasion, Borut Florjančič, President of the Cooperative Association of Slovenia noted that Slovenian farmers, cooperatives and agricultural companies offer a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year. “Slovenian fruits and vegetables are grown sustainably, with respect for nature. They do not travel over thousands of miles, and having been grown in close proximity, there is no need for them to be treated with chemical agents to extend their shelf life,” he said.

Local beekeepers visit schools

In the decade of the project’s existence, between 2.5 and 3 million breakfasts have been served. TSZ is a special holiday for children, as they prepare for it with various events, and the breakfast experience itself is bolstered with lectures on the importance of local food and healthy eating, and visits from local beekeepers. 

On this day, traditional breakfast foods such as honey, butter, milk, bread, apples or other fresh and dried fruit are served. The project encourages Slovenians to reach for local food throughout the year and buy it on the nearest farm or from the nearest grower.

The initiative is also open to the general public. Every year, numerous individuals, institutions, companies, restaurants, tourist facilities, etc. join the project. Slovenian embassies also spread the TSZ message abroad.

Legislative changes 

With the aim of building stronger, local supply chains and partnerships, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food has introduced changes to the Green Public Procurement Regulation, upping the share for organic food to 12 percent and for food from quality schemes to 20 percent from 1 January 2022. 

With a change in the Agriculture Act, agricultural inspectors will exert control over the implementation of public food tenders. If public institutions do not meet the prescribed shares (of organic food and food from quality schemes) or do not prepare reports within three months after the payment of the last invoice relating to the public procurement, violators will be fined, explained Minister Jože Podgoršek.



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