novo mesto, Source: Novo Mesto Municipality

Slovenian municipalities showcase project for increased mobility

Slovenian municipalities showcase project for increased mobility

It is aimed at solving some of the urban mobility problems faced by disabled persons

The Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure, together with 21 municipalities from across the country are hard at work at developing a multimodal disability project aimed at solving some of the problems faced by disabled persons in terms of urban mobility.

Finding modern solutions to pressing issues

The project was presented in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana by the Mayor of Novo Mesto Gregor Macedoni. According to the municipality’s website, the project is aimed at assisting those suffering from various impairments – such as the blind, partially sighted and the physically disabled, as well as the most vulnerable road users – like school-aged children and the elderly.

"We must strive to enable disabled people and other vulnerable groups to live independent and independent lives," stated Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratusek, who also emphasized the need for finding solutions for such problems is ever-increasing – partly because the population of Slovenia is ageing rapidly and would soon need increased support. 

The end goal of the project is to improve the quality of life of Slovenians. It will be on the lookout for solutions that help disabled persons integrate the use of public transport into their daily lives – as seamlessly as possible. Furthermore, the project aims to provide solutions for safe transit for children and the elderly.

These objectives, according to the Ministry, will be achieved through the creation of a new standardized system for physical and digital accessibility for vulnerable groups across the country.

The project is being led and developed by the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia. It aims to create a standardized approach to the collection and processing of data and to ultimately create a list of obstacles impairing the mobility of the target groups. Furthermore, it will provide users with easy access to a full list of where disability-friendly services are provided – such as sound-equipped traffic lights, parking spaces for disabled persons etc.



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