Cycling can be a magnet for tourism , Source: City of Đurđevac

Small-town Croatia wants to be a hotspot for bike tourism

Small-town Croatia wants to be a hotspot for bike tourism

Apart from the crystal shores of the Adriatic Sea, the country is a hidden gem for inland destinations that have yet to be discovered

This week, officials in the Croatian town of Đurđevac announced plans to develop their tourism industry by investing in cycling. The idea, according to an official statement, is to use the relatively quiet and picturesque locations of the region, united through sustainable mobility, with e-bikes and regular cycling.

President of the City Council Željko Lacković explained that this could better the touristic profile of Đurđevac and attract more high-paying visitors, based on the findings of strategic analyses. Additionally, he pointed to the Austrian alps region as an example of cycling tourism, as it was used to expand their profile outside of skiing.

The tourism study

According to an official statement, the tourism study has offered Đurđevac authorities a different profile for their average visitor. However, this profile would be attracted through established offers. The offers include developed cycling routes that feature nature on the not-so-busy roads of the region.

In turn, this could boost a lot of the local population centres, as the study points out that neither of them has enough pull to attract a significant amount of tourists on their own. The region is already home to beautiful nature, the Drava river and the Bilogora low mountain range.

At the same time, the tourist profile includes people who are willing to pay upwards of 100 euros for accommodation and like to go on vacation by bike or cycling as a leisure activity. Furthermore, authorities are willing to provide electric bikes as an alternative. These types of tourists can travel up to 50 kilometres per day.

A 'build it and they'll come' approach

According to a press statement, Mayor Hrvoje Janči believes that the effects of the new tourism strategy could be visible just this year. Moreover, it would set the development trajectory of Đurđevac, a town of around 8,000 people for the future.

Additionally, with the help of EU funding, focusing tourism on a single, quality offer can put the region on the world map.



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