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Smart bot in Helsinki alleviates pressure on coronavirus hotlines

Smart bot in Helsinki alleviates pressure on coronavirus hotlines

The bot not only helps people determine whether they need a test but also aids them in booking appointments without the need to call into the hospital

Since the very first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, those living in the Helsinki Hospital University District (HUS) have had access to a coronavirus bot that helps them self-diagnose and thus decide whether they should isolate or take a coronavirus test. Now, the same bot features brand new functions that are meant to alleviate the pressure on hotlines created by people wanting to book appointments by doctors.

Going smart in the field of healthcare

Smart solutions are the key to protecting the population amidst a crisis. Thus, cities across Finland, such as Espoo, have been embracing them in order to boost their capabilities to help, advise and protect their populations during the pandemic. 

The Helsinki Hospital University District coronabot has been in operation since earlier this spring but at first, it only helped users self-diagnose and determine whether they should head to the clinic and be tested for COVID-19.  Yet now the bot boasts a brand-new option that will help the local healthcare system and staff cope with the strain triggered by the rise in infections.

The new options allow users of the coronabot to book their coronavirus testing appointments online, thus preventing the need for them to call in directly. This solves a problem that has grown substantially over the past few weeks and will ease the burden currently placed on hotlines.

Officials from the Helsinki Hospital University District have also stated that another feature is currently in the works – namely the possibility for citizens to book appointments for each other. For example, the new option would allow members of the same family to create appointments on each-others’ behalf, thus eliminating yet another problem that has arisen in the past few months.



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