Smart garbage bins, Source: Clotilde Armand on Facebook

Smart recycling bins in Bucharest can tell if you’re not doing it properly

Smart recycling bins in Bucharest can tell if you’re not doing it properly

The bin’s complex electronic systems will be powered by photovoltaic cells, making them also sustainable

Yesterday, local authorities in Bucharest’s sub-municipality Sector 1 announced a new project for installing smart recycling bins. The bins will be placed underground and will feature a host of digital technology, including sensors that can detect if the trash has been mixed instead of separated.

Additionally, the underground bins will free up street space, while reducing the characteristic smell around large garbage containers. The first bins have already been installed in the Pajura neighbourhood with authorities planning to grow their reach gradually.

What the bins will do differently

According to an official statement, the smart recycling bins will feature an electronic access system for local users, which will also be able to transmit data remotely. The containers will also feature a warning system to detect garbage overflow.

Additionally, because they are underground, each one features a crane-type lift so that the bins can be emptied. The most striking claim local authorities make is that the containers will be able to detect whether the garbage inside is improperly or properly separated.

All these electronic components would be powered by a photovoltaic system, making the smart bins also carbon neutral and much more sustainable.

Each container has a capacity of 3 cubic metres and they will separate the trash into residual and biodegradable waste, plastic and metal, paper and cardboard and glass.

The mayor of Bucharest’s Sector 1, Clotilde Armand was quoted in a press statement, explaining that the containers would improve the quality of life in the neighbourhoods and eliminate the unpleasant smell of open on-street trash bins. Additionally, they would open up more public space in residential areas on sidewalks and streets.



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