Smart redevelopment of Marasti Square on the horizon in Cluj Napoca

Smart redevelopment of Marasti Square on the horizon in Cluj Napoca

The entirety of the square and its adjacent streets are slated for major upgrades

The Romanian city of Cluj Napoca is getting ready for some major upgrades to its urban area. The entirety of the local Mărăști Square and its surrounding streets will be transformed after some major construction efforts, a tender for which has just been announced.

Going from old-school to smart

Earlier last week, the City Hall of Cluj Napoca announced a tender for the redevelopment of its Mărăști Square. The winners of the tender will be responsible not only for the redevelopment of the square but also for carrying out the feasibility study and providing any and all kinds of assistance during the project’s execution. The deadline for submission of tenders in 18 December 2020.

The project will aim to revitalize the Marasti neighbourhood by redeveloping the Marasti Square and adjacent streets, creating an underground car park, arranging public spaces and equipping them with Smart City technology equipment, installing public street lighting and maintaining the green dimension by planting of tree and shrub alignments.

The surface of 10 hectares proposed for modernization will include 21 December 1989 Boulevard (between St. Peter's Church and the roundabout Mărăști Square), Fabricii Street, Aurel Vlaicu Street, Library Alley, Crinului and Ciocârliei Streets. The underground parking will be built in the area of ​​the Library Alley and will have a minimum of 260 parking spaces.

Launching such redevelopment and reconstruction initiatives during the height of the pandemic is especially important for the local economy, as the city government acts as one of the only sources of reliable jobs and opportunities. Thus, by creating the conditions for continuing economic activity in Cluj Napoca, local authorities are driving up demand and providing some much-needed relief to citizens and businesses.



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