A trolleybus making its way through the streets of Sofia , Source: Depositphotos

Smart system on Sofia buses will know the exact coordinates of potholes

Smart system on Sofia buses will know the exact coordinates of potholes

While doing their routes camera buses will be constantly updating a Geographic Information System by documenting their surroundings

Today, local authorities in Sofia announced a pilot project for a digital system installed in public transport. Through front-mounted cameras, two buses will be capable of creating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) of traffic, road infrastructure, signage, trash bins and street markings.

It will even be able to pinpoint the exact coordinates of potholes. Additionally, every time the buses pass their roots, they will rescan their surroundings and update the GIS, providing an evolving picture of the infrastructure.

The system would be a step further along the path to integrating digital services in public transport for the Bulgarian capital, while also offering an added layer of safety for drivers. This is because the cameras can also emit proximity signals alerting drivers when they get too close to a pedestrian, car and etc.

The system is already having an effect

According to Deputy Mayor Doncho Barbalov, since the systems were deployed, they have already shown irregularities with road infrastructure. This is because of their record function, to heal in traffic incident cases.

During the trial run on one of the main boulevards in Sofia, the buses registered five collisions with pedestrians, two of which turned out to be related to faulty railing. Moreover, as BTV reports, bus drivers feel way more confident while doing their job, as the cameras provide legal protection and an additional safety layer through the signalling options.

Additionally, the systems, currently installed only on two buses, will still be an invaluable tool to gather precise data on urban features. This includes the exact geographic coordinates of the lamp-posts, public garbage bins, street signage, road markings and even potholes or uneven asphalt.



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