A smart tire pump in Amsterdam, Source: Amsterdam Municipality

Smart tire pumps in Amsterdam offer drivers peace of mind

Smart tire pumps in Amsterdam offer drivers peace of mind

They can provide subtle benefits to the environment that many road users might be unaware of

At the end of May, the Amsterdam official website announced that the city now boasts 10 smart tire pumps on its territory, and they are all free to use for drivers. But wait, what makes a smart tire pump any different from a regular one?

Well, the benefits are various. Most drivers are not aware of how much air they need to add to their vehicle’s tires, so they often end up underinflating, or even in many cases leave the tire stations with tires that are more deflated than before they pulled up to them due to incorrect usage.

The problem with underinflation is that a car engine ends up having to work harder in order to propel the vehicle, which invariably leads to higher CO2 emissions.

By simply entering the license plate number of one’s car or motorcycle, the device indicates how much air needs to be added.

Free and easy to use

Using less fuel naturally doesn’t only benefit the environment but also the drivers as it provides long-term savings on their car expenses.

Then, there’s also the question of improved road safety. Correctly inflated tires improve road grip. The risk of a blowout also decreases. And properly inflated tires contribute to smoother and safer driving. This means less chance of accidents and less risk for drivers and other road users.

It also means fewer microplastics in the air, soil and streams since tires are one of the major contributors to this type of pollution. Correct tire pressure means fewer rubber particles tear off from the tires and end up in the sewerage.

Last but not least, the smart tire pump is made of sustainable materials and runs on solar energy.



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