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Smart tourism solutions unveiled in Cyprus’ Nicosia

Smart tourism solutions unveiled in Cyprus’ Nicosia

The local Tourism Board has been installing smart info boards across the city in order to promote its most prominent landmarks

Nicosia’s Local Tourism Board has finished installing a number of smart tourism boards across the city’s most prominent tourist sites in a bid to digitize them and make them a more popular visiting destination. The goal of the organisation was to lay the groundwork for the creation and the promotion of a smart tourism model which will have great payoffs in the future.

Tourism becoming smarter

The new smart boards installed by the Nicosia Tourism Board can be found around the city at some of the most important local heritage sites. The boards themselves offer plenty of information about the history and curiosities of these cities available not only in Greek but also in English so as to make it even more welcoming for tourists.

Not only that, but the boards also boast QR and NFC codes, which upon being scanned give even further background and information on these sites. Thus, they provide a new type of essential tourist upgrade that fits perfectly into the framework highlighted by Cypriot authorities of digitizing the island’s tourism industry and making it smarter and more attractive both for foreign and domestic visitors.

The new boards, designed in the likeness of the neo Nicosia logo can be found at the Eleftheria monument, Hamam Omerye, Famagusta gate, Casteliotissa hall, Faneromini church, the Fairy tale museum, centre of visual arts and research (CVAR), Nicosia municipal arts centre, associated with the Pierides Foundation (NiMac), the Stelios Ioannou library and at the University of Nicosia.

By providing visitors with a digital offer, Nicosia’s Tourism Board not only makes local landmarks more attractive but also makes it more likely for visitors to learn more and remember the history of the island and its many facets.



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