Creating a temporary parking lot is a first step in cleaning up an illegal landfill, Source: Depositphotos

Sofia steps in to solve waste dumping and drunk driving with this action

Sofia steps in to solve waste dumping and drunk driving with this action

An illegal landfill will turn into a parking lot for cars confiscated by the police

The Bulgarian capital Sofia, like most major cities struggles with a bunch of issues – among them are illegal waste dumps and the crowding of parked cars on its streets and even sidewalks. A new solution has been proposed by the City Council to at least partially alleviate these two problems in one swoop – turn an unregulated landfill into a parking lot for cars confiscated by the police.

The measure is led by a district mayor in Sofia, Dimitar Petrov, who together with the Chairman of the Municipal Council Tsvetomir Petrov, gave a press briefing to inform about the plan.

The City will give the local police force 4 acres of municipal land for a period of 10 years, rent-free. Currently, this land plot, located in the Fakulteta quarter, has been turned into an illegal waste dump over the years by residents.

Two birds with one stone

Although turning undeveloped land into a parking lot might not be the best solution from an environmental point of view, the authorities are of the opinion that it is at least a step in the right direction towards decluttering the urban space both from trash and from parked cars.

By creating this parking lot, we will solve the problems of impounded cars and illegal dumping. We will install lighting, and the police will be there every day, so with one action we solve several problems," commented the chairman of the Sofia City Council, as quoted by

The vehicles in question are cars seized by the police from drunk or drugged drivers, as well as cars detained as evidence in court cases. The streets around the police district departments have been clogged by these vehicles for years.

The proposal of the plan must still be finally approved by the Sofia City Council at its session today.



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