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Southern Finland launches new platform to boost tourism

Southern Finland launches new platform to boost tourism allows customers to book hundreds of services from one place

Municipalities and entrepreneurs in the field of tourism have joined forces to create a common booking platform for Southern Finland. The new platform ( will allow tourists to book accommodation, transport, events, excursions, and services offered by 12 different municipalities in the same place.

The 12 municipalities are Kemiönsaari, Salo, Hanko, Raseborg, Lohja, Vihti, Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa, Tuusula, Sipoo, and Porvoo. It is hoped that the new website will not only boost tourism but also strengthen cooperation between entrepreneurs in the municipalities.

Commenting on the need for stronger cooperation, Helsinki’s tourism specialist Jukka Punamäki explained: “Southern Finland is a very fragmented tourist area and, in many cases, the municipalities and cities in the area have lost competition both domestically and internationally due to the inability to bring together a common product.”

Promoting tourism and economic growth

In addition to boosting tourism, the new platform will also challenge and compete with technology giants. Punamäki further expanded on this, noting that the municipalities wish to direct potential tourists away from websites like TripAdvisor and towards Finnish sales channels. In this way, the new website will not only promote tourism but also guarantee economic growth.

Currently, the platform allows customers to book hundreds of services from over 50 entrepreneurs. In a press release by the City of Helsinki, it is reported that the creation of the new platform will increase the sales and profits of small and local businesses that may otherwise not be seen.

Founder of Bookingpoint and CEO of Natura Viva Oy Ilkka Lariola expanded on this point, noting: “We want to provide all tourism entrepreneurs in the region with a competitive marketplace where they gain visibility and reliability. There is a significant investment in marketing, and it is easy and safe to join.”

The new platform was launched on Monday 7 June.



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