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Spain to drop mandatory use of face masks outdoors from 26 June

Spain to drop mandatory use of face masks outdoors from 26 June

This was announced by the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez

On Friday 18 June, the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez filled the nation with hope that life will soon return to normal. That is, he revealed that the government will soon announce that the compulsory use of face masks outdoors will come to an end.

The Spanish Prime Minister shared the good news on his official Twitter profile, writing: “The mask will no longer be mandatory in outdoor spaces from Saturday, June 26.” Sánchez further explained that this proposal will be confirmed when the government holds an extraordinary cabinet meeting next Thursday.

Current epidemiological situation in Spain

Sánchez’ words have been warmly welcomed by the nation as everyone is currently obligated to wear a face mask when they go outside. This law was passed on 30 March 2021 and it requires inhabitants to use protective equipment even when maintaining a distance from others or walking alone.

Now, however, the number of COVID infections has steadily and significantly decreased. Taking this further, it is at its lowest level since August 2020. Pairing the low COVID incidence with the rise in vaccinations, the abolition of face masks in public outdoor spaces is now possible.

Life is slowly but surely returning to normal

The Prime Minister’s proposal comes after several other European countries recently announced the gradual lifting of COVID restrictions and the eradication of face masks. Some of these countries include France, which has dropped the mandatory use of face masks outdoors, and Denmark, which is working towards the complete elimination of the protective equipment.

Further commenting on the abolition of face masks outdoors, Sánchez wrote that the joy of the Spanish nation is the joy of the government. “We will once again enjoy a life on the street without a mask,” he concluded.

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