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Spanish domestic flights tickets can be paid in up to 12 installments

Spanish domestic flights tickets can be paid in up to 12 installments

Iberia will be the first company to introduce this option in the country

Spanish national carrier Iberia has decided to boost sales for its domestic lines with an announcement that it will allow airfare payments to be done in instalments, the way you can purchase household electro-domestic appliances, for example. This will make the company the first to introduce such an option in Spain.

For this purpose, wannabe flyers need to buy their tickets through the company’s website, where they will be able to finance purchases of up to 10,000 euros and in conjunction with Iberia cards.

Payment in instalments will allow Iberia passengers to divide the total cost of their tickets in instalments throughout the selected period (3, 6, 9 or 12 months).

This may be extended to international routes as well

The new financial solution will integrate several providers. The service is offered through the intermediation of the financial investee Iberia Cards and currently has seQura and Aplazame, although new providers are being evaluated to expand the financing offer.

For the time being, the company says that the instalment payments for airfares will be available only on domestic routes, however, there are already talks that it will be extended to include other European countries, such as Italy, France, Germany and Belgium.

Meanwhile, back in April, Iberia was declared the most punctual airline in the world for that month, according to a ranking compiled by international consulting firm Cirium.  87.28% of the 13,929 flights of the Spanish airline arrived on time, which represents an improvement of six percentage points compared to the previous month.

The only other European-based airline in the top 10 was KLM. Iberia was also declared the most punctual airline in Europe overall for the year 2022.



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