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Split heralds launch of city’s own Geographic Information System

Split heralds launch of city’s own Geographic Information System

The system is a hallmark of any smart and developed city and has been in development for years

The new Geographic Information System (GIS) of the City of Split and the city information centre called "City of Split Hub" were presented earlier this week at the local City Administration. The system is a unified graphic presentation of a number of useful pieces of information such as: spatial planning documentation, cadastral parcels, green cadastre, anagraphic markings of buildings, communal infrastructure of all installations and inspections of public buildings and real estate owned by the government, plus their layout, occupancy, price and numerous other pieces of data. All of these are vital for any entrepreneurs looking to do business in the Croatian city.

High time to go smart

“During the mandate of Mayor Ivan Kuret in 2008, the introduction of this tool necessary for the management of urban spaces began. There have been delays for many years, but we have been working intensively for the last two years and today we present the first, most important phase in which Split joins serious developed "Smart City" cities in Europe,” said Mayor Andro Krstulović Opara in his introductory speech.

“This tool is the basis of every developed city, some cities in Croatia have taken a step further by introducing 3D and 2D GIS, and we are going in that direction” explained the mayor's advisor Krešimir Budiša, who coordinated activities to implement the new city GIS.

It was further noted that thanks to their work on the project, many inaccuracies and oversights were discovered around the city – including registrations, lack of payments of utility fees and others. The GIS will now also contribute to the city’s efforts in preventing similar things from happening again in the future and will substantially improve the business climate in Split.

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