Project for renovation of the Split Botanical Garden, Source: City of Split

Split’s Botanical Garden slated for entirely new look

Split’s Botanical Garden slated for entirely new look

Upgrade efforts will last throughout the year

Work on Split’s Botanical Garden on Marjan is about to begin after preparatory work and conditions were set up during the last weeks of 2020. The work will last throughout the year and the site will be inaccessible during that time but authorities promise that what visitors will find after work is wrapped up would have been well worth the wait.

Taking care of a local landmark

After a tour of the terrain and inspection of facilities in the area of ​​the Botanical Garden and in cooperation with the manager of the Botanical Garden, the Faculty of Science, quickly organized the relocation of all plants in the areas covered by future works. Everything is now ready for work to begin and to implement the planned complete renovation of the city’s only Botanical Garden.

Since the works on this demanding project will last throughout this year, for security reasons, citizens will not be able to access the Botanical Garden, which will be turned into a construction site, and will welcome its visitors in a new light.

“We thank the citizens for their patience and understanding, which will surely pay off because together we will soon be able to enjoy a unique Mediterranean oasis with indigenous and cultivated ornamental, medicinal, aromatic, endemic and spicy herbs that we will all gladly and often visited,” said Radojka Tomašević, head of the city's Service for International and EU Projects.

Split authorities want to remind that the Botanical Garden on Marjan today consists of greenhouses and buildings and large green areas, a small part of which is arranged as a presentation arboretum, while most are neglected and unused. Since most of the buildings are in an extremely dilapidated condition, with a number of visible damages, the City will, with the help of EU funds, carry out an integral renovation of the entire complex.

The revitalization of the Botanical Garden is divided into logical units: rehabilitation and renovation of existing buildings, rehabilitation and renovation of promenades, conversion of a field house into a souvenir shop with an access path, construction of gazebos and landscaping, construction of "botanical scales" and procurement and planting of plants.

The works on the revitalization of the Botanical Garden will be performed by the selected company "Teh-gradnja" with its headquarters in Zagreb, and the total value of the works is HRK 11 million and 540 thousand.

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