Sports clubs offer season tickets on loan from local libraries in Finland

Sports clubs offer season tickets on loan from local libraries in Finland

The aim is to create more opportunities for support of local teams

Nowadays libraries offer a host of different services apart from books, magazines, CDs and movies. A basketball team, an ice hockey and a floorball club are offering season tickets on loan at local libraries in Finland.

Finnish sports clubs are collaborating with the local libraries to offer seasonal tickets on loan in a bid to fill stands and provide opportunities to support local teams.

For example, the basketball team Helsinki Seagulls was the first team in the country to start a campaign that will allow library-goers to borrow a seasonal ticket to the club’s games from the Töölö library. The goal of the team is to offer members of the public an opportunity to see a basketball game at least once.

Following the good example the floorball team TPS Salibandy from Turku and ice hockey outfit Mikkelin Jukurit from southeastern Finland have launched similar programmes. Floorball fans can take seasonal tickets for TPS games from the main library in Turku while Mikkeli ice hockey enthusiasts can support their home team by claiming their own seasonal tickets at the main library in Mikkeli.

Different rules for different clubs and cities

Sports clubs and libraries have different rules regarding borrowing the seasonal tickets. Mikkeli’s Jukurit for example, are offering four of them. A single library card can be used to borrow only one ticket at a time. The ticket can be kept for a maximum of seven days at a time and cannot be reused. If a customer forgets to return the season ticket to the library in time, the ticket will no longer be valid.



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