Vienna offers a unique blend of old and new, with its steel glass towers and UNESCO world heritage sites

Start-up festival will turn Vienna into an international business hotspot this spring

Start-up festival will turn Vienna into an international business hotspot this spring

ViennaUP’22 will bring people from over 40 countries to the Austrian capital in a business festival fuelled by the unique local atmosphere

For eight days this year, Vienna will become the start-up capital of Europe with the ViennaUP’22 business festival, set for the end of May. In one of Europe’s first start-up festivals, the Austrian capital will attract local and global actors in a networking event with participants from over 40 countries.

The event will showcase local unicorn companies, as well as highlight the competitive edge of Vienna as a business destination. At the same time, the festival will host over 60 events, focusing on different pressing issues for companies.

One of the big topics at the event will be women leaders in business with the 'Lead Today – Shape Tomorrow' – conference on female entrepreneurs and founders. Another cornerstone topic is sustainable economics from a climate change point of view, featured quite prominently in the Sustainable Blockchain Hackaton, offering a prize of 15,000 euros to the winners.

Doing start-ups, the Viennese way

One of the main features that distinguish ViennaUP’22 from similar events around the world will be the fact that it will not take place in a warehouse or bland conference centre at the edge of town. Instead, the event will be spread out among the UNESCO world heritage scenery of the Austrian capital and will take full advantage of the local culture.

Event organisers have set up four of the iconic Viennese cafes - the Bräunerhof, Savoy, Schwarzenberg and Wortner - as venues. Being the first co-working spaces, historically, now they will serve as meeting zones for the international business public. At the same time, the festival’s home base, set up on Karlsplatz, will offer a selection of Viennese wine.

This arrangement came about as the event was planned by the local start-up community with a global audience in mind, thanks to the cooperation of the city. The spirit of the festival is supposed to showcase the local start-up spirit of openness.



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