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Street performers in Turku can now book Event Carpets for the summer

Street performers in Turku can now book Event Carpets for the summer

This gives performers a platform and allows residents to experience free cultural events

Last year, the Finnish City of Turku held a competition, seeking ideas that will liven up the city centre. One of the proposals from the Sytytä Turku (Light up Turku) competition was to reform the urban space for street performers. More specifically, architect Katia Salo came up with the idea of providing individuals with “Event Carpets” where they can host a street show, sell their products, and perform.

Anyone can book an Event Carpet this summer

From 1 July to 31 August, everyone can reserve an Event Carpet via Turku’s website. The carpet can be booked for a full day (10 am to 10 pm) or half a day (4 pm to 10 pm). What is more, one can choose between two different sizes: 6x4 or 5x3.

Booking is free of charge for non-profit associations and all performance activities. However, others may be subject to a fee of EUR 10 or EUR 20. Finally, it must be noted that there is a maximum number of bookings as individuals will only be permitted to make 3 reservations in 2 weeks.

“On the Event Carpet you can sell your products, have a popup bike repair shop, perform or even organise a summer party with a circle of friends. At the moment, the carpets are taped areas on the ground, but in the future, they could be permanently marked on the street, for example with paving,” architect Salo commented on her vision.

Free cultural experiences

In addition to giving street performers a platform, the Event Carpets give Turku’s residents and visitors access to new and free experiences. Project Manager Minna Heiniö discussed this idea, noting that cultural activities have been inaccessible for a long period due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Now, the carpets will bring life to the streets and allow everyone to experience something new, free, and exciting.

An example of an Event Carpet can be seen in the gallery above.

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