The BVG's hemp edible ticket will lead to a relaxing experience of Berlin's public transport system , Source: The BVG on Facebook

Stressed out? Eat a bus ticket in Berlin

Stressed out? Eat a bus ticket in Berlin

The German capital’s public transport is now offering edible hemp tickets – a remedy against pre-Christmas stress

Last week, Berlin’s public transit company, the BVG, launched edible hemp tickets in the hopes of alleviating the stress over the holiday shopping season. The transport company is now infamous for its tongue and cheek promotional campaigns – an essential part of the German capital’s vibrant public transport culture.

Holiday season, shopping season – what's the difference, really?

The days leading up to the coveted Christmas holidays are an ever-growing source of anguish for many people, considering all the gifts, decorations and rush at work to finish all outstanding projects for the year.

Coupling that with long queues and the fact that everyone decided to go shopping at the same time can lead to dangerous levels of holiday fluster in public spaces and private gatherings. Thankfully, Berlin’s BVG is looking out for the citizens.

The BVG says that the ticket contains no illegal substances and is made from edible paper, coated in hemp oil, made from marijuana seeds. They also say that the cannabis plant is also rumoured to have a relaxing effect.

The oil does not contain any cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance responsible for the sensation of feeling high.

According to BVG spokesperson Jannes Schwentu, the campaign should not be taken too seriously, although, its message is definitely to ‘take the bus or the metro during the holiday season’.  She also said that anyone who wants to use the ticket as an actual ticket should not nibble or eat it until their journey is over. Schwentu explained that a ticket with bite marks is unfortunately invalid.

The path to legalisation in Germany’s new coalition

According to the coalition agreement of the now ruling SPD, the Greens and the FDP, a path towards legalisations could be in the cards for Germany in the next four years. The traffic light coalition has agreed to introduce controlled distribution in licensed shops.

This measure takes a page out of the United States’ approach to the subject, where legalisation in Colorado and California have led to the creation of a massive industry. The move should put a spanner in the current black market for weed, where there are no quality controls.



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